Diane Wood: Our parliamentary candidate

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I joined the Green Party because they were the only party that was genuine and honest about the environment, not just ‘Green Washing’ to get votes. They were the only party that was anti-fracking, anti-Trident, anti-fox hunting, anti-badger cull, pro-proportional representation, pro-sustainable energy.

After the election of the Conservative/LibDem coalition government I was thoroughly disillusioned by the other political parties. They seemed more concerned with power and winning elections than principles and standing up for what they truly believed in. I simply got fed up with the lies and the U-turns, and wanted to give my support to a party that doesn’t change its ideals on a whim to get votes.

There are so many issues, so many injustices, so much to campaign about and fight for in our local community, the UK and worldwide. I am not Superwoman and can’t/won’t promise to fix everything magically, or pretend to be an ‘expert’ on every issue, but there are a number of things that I am particularly passionate about:

Greenfield sites – I am against new road building, including widening the A303. It is proven that building new roads simply increases the traffic using them. It doesn’t address the real issues of pollution and lack of decent public transport. I am against the building of luxury housing estates and supermarkets on Greenfield sites which is currently happening apace around the UK. It's all about big developers driven by profit rather than meeting the genuine need for affordable rented housing.

Education – The continuing obsession with league tables and testing children must stop. It is putting too much pressure on children and taking the emphasis away from quality teaching. I am against the Academy school system as education should never be run as a business. I think that the creation of more Grammar schools is a bad idea as all children should receive the best standards of education, not just a select few. I attended a Grammar school myself which was focused on the students capable of progressing to Oxbridge. If you were a ‘B Grade student’ like myself then you were just not good enough!

Mental Health – I am not ashamed to stand up and be counted as one of the 1-in-5 people in the UK who live with depression. For so many years, mental health has not been taken seriously enough and funding has been cut to the bone. I am particularly concerned about the health and welfare of our children and young people who are dealing with more stress and anxiety in their lives than ever before. There simply isn’t enough being done to provide sufficient timely treatment and support for them and their families, and importantly to prevent this happening in the first place. Too many of our mental health services are run by private companies who are more focused on making profits than the needs of the individual.

Vote Green – Most importantly I want to give everyone the opportunity to vote Green. It is important for you to be able to vote for what you believe in. Our Green voices need to be heard for the sake of our planet’s future. We Greens are a resilient bunch, we keep on fighting and are in this for the long-term.

From little acorns mighty oaks grow!

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