Thinking of voting tactically – think again!

Rob Wood on the campaign trail

Rob Wood with Amelia Womack on the campaign trail

As is widely known, the first past the post electoral system is unrepresentative and geared towards the larger parties. This leads to some considering voting tactically just to keep the Conservatives out, even if they don’t truly believe in the candidate they are proposing voting for.

The case against this is strong in the Yeovil constituency as it is not a marginal seat. At the 2017 election the Conservatives had a majority of nearly 15,000, and no amount of tactical voting would have changed the result.

Furthermore, every Green vote matters as the more votes we get, the more Short Money (money distributed to opposition parties as a reflection of the vote) we receive. This money bolsters both the local and national party, which in turn helps both to grow.

The bigger picture also has to be considered. In the Brighton Pavilion constituency in 2001 the Green Party finished fourth; in 2010 Caroline Lucas won and became the first Green MP. It can be done, by building up momentum locally, it can make a difference nationally.

This is the Climate Election. We are the only party that puts environmental issues first and foremost; other matters pale into insignificance when the future of the planet is at stake.

If we only ever vote for the larger parties then the status quo will be maintained and the cycle of first past the post continues. Only by the smaller parties like ourselves getting many millions of votes, that are not reflected in seats, only then will the establishment will have to concede that the electoral system needs changing, being forced to do so by overwhelming public opinion.

The final point to consider is how much better you would feel about casting your vote towards something you truly believe in, rather than the second worst option.

This is the time to be bold, vote with your heart: vote for Diane and the Green Party. If not now when?

Robert Wood

South Somerset Green Party Coordinator