Carbon neutral Chard plants over 1,400 trees

4 February 2020

Carbon Neutral Chard is a community group set up after Chard Town Council declared a Climate Emergency in February 2019. The group is made up of Councillors and community members and is chaired by Cllr Tim Eggins. Every month they meet to discuss updates and set tasks for the coming months.

Over 400 trees were planted before Christmas by a variety of different community groups. Trees were planted at Donyatt Recreational ground, a farm on Hornsbury Hill, Jubilee fields and Tatworth Cemetery and on the edge of a private woodland in Forton.

These trees were organised via the charity OVO Energy and Word Forest Organisation. The planting events were organised by Cllr Tim Eggins and Cllr Serena Wootton.

The new aims for Carbon Neutral Chard for 2020 are as follows:

  • Aiming to have planted at least 500 more trees this calendar year
  • To promote cycling across Chard and the local area
  • To support the pupils and young people of Chard, engaging with the local schools, finding positive ways to educate this age group and helping to alleviate any fears

Chard tree planting